Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Oh my - it's been almost a year!

Hi everybody!

I have missed blogging, and I have missed you! I didn't plan to take a break from sewing and blogging, it just happened. My relationship with sewing and knitting is a weird one - I get totally obsessed over it and the next minute I couldn't be bothered. Life just got in the way. When I started blogging I promised my self that blogging is something that never ever should feel like a burden or be something I get stressed about, and it hasn't.

There has been very little of this going on
But now as the air gets crisp and the nights get darker, I feel the need to start sewing and knitting again. I even finished one WIP - okay it still needs a little hand stitching, but you get the point. Why does it feel so difficult to get back in the groove sometimes?

Have you ever needed a hiatus from sewing? How did it feel to get your sewjo back?