Sunday, March 20, 2016

Cloud Mittens and a Sunday Lately

Hello again! How are you this Sunday?

I have yet another Christmas gift to share with you. These are the Cloud Mittens from Sari's blog LunaKnit (this is actually the first part of the pattern, the second one is here). Aren't they pretty? The first time I saw them I knew I wanted to knit a pair for my sister. 

I'm a huge fan of Sari's knit blog. The beautiful photos always leave me inspired and the projects are beautiful too.  Sari is also a fellow Finn, which makes me a little bit awesome too, right? No you say? 

The mittens are lined, so the they are really really warm. Also I would like to warn you in case you want to knit these. They look horrendous before blocking. I'm sure there would have been tears and blood on my part if Sari wouldn't have included a picture of the mittens before blocking. 

It's that time of the week again, when I link up with Sunday Lately to share my thoughts on this week's themes.

- Updating - :: Sewing and knitting plans. Planning what to make next (or maybe next year...) is one of my all-time favorite pastimes. I reorganized my yarn and updated my knitting plans and now I need to do the same with my sewing.

- Remembering - :: How to alter sewing patterns. I've had my eye on this Cardigan from Burda for ages, and now I've traced the pattern and made some fitting changes based on an RTW -favorite. I'm not sure where the pattern tweaks will lead me, but I'm trying to remember to trust my instincts.

- Needing - :: To stay motivated with everything. And I mean everything! School, sewing, knitting, blogging, exercising and so on. Maybe my Sunday is just off to a slow start and that's the reason for feeling so 'meh' about everything. Caffeine to the rescue.

- Wearing- :: A new me-made shirt! I was sure I'd hate it, but now I kind of like it. I'm planning to show it to you soon.

- Being - :: Excited by the March issue from Burda. But as I mentioned before, I need to update my sewing plans, since my current project is a wintery cardigan. Maybe it'll be time for spring/summer sewing once I'm finished with it?

Have a great week everybody! Anyone else making summer sewing plans?


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Lately: Week 63 + a Nutbrown Hare

It feels like everyone in the sewing blogosphere is excited by the approaching spring and spring weather. I felt bad because I'm not feeling the spring and summer groove like everybody else, or at least I did until I noticed the pictures. In the springlike pictures the grass is green, the flowers bloom and the sun is shining. Over here, we have ice and snow, which explains my lack of excitement. But don't worry, we will get to spring sometime in the next three months. 

I think this is the last baby present knitted with this yarn. Or at least I'm kind of thinking that. This is the Little Nutbrown Hare by Sallie Cameron. I just realized when creating that link that I have forgotten all about the ribbons around the ears. 

The ears were standing upright, but they got too soft for that after I soaked the hat, but I knew that would happen. The hat was still too big for the little guy who got it, but I was prepared for that too. 

And now on to the Sunday Lately portion of the post:

- Creating - :: I've been knitting away, but haven't felt concentrated enough to sew or blog in the last couple of weeks. My sister got a matching pair of leg warmers though and I got to use all of this yarn.

- Finding - :: A shawl pattern to knit up next. I'm trying really hard to knit only from my stash and to not buy new yarn. I actually don't think my stash is huge, but it would still be nice to reduce it by half. Must. Have. Willpower. 

- Switching - :: Sloooowly switching my mindset towards spring and away from winter. I've read a couple of blog posts about sewing out of season, meaning that now would be the time for me to sew summer clothes, or even fall clothes! I admire anyone who is capable of that, I know I'm not! 

- Forgetting - :: I hope I'm not forgetting anything. I did forget that I had made plans with my sister and was then really excited when I thought she wanted to make plans with me. Plans that we already had made. Weeks ago. Whoops. 

- Craving - :: Cake. And exercise. Makes perfect sense. Do not question it.