Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dude knitting

So I did some unselfish knitting. Or to be precise, I did some unselfish knitting a couple of years ago, and now I re-did it. Does that count as double the good karma? The hat was for my dad, but here it is being modeled by boyfriend.

I knitted a hat for my dad a couple of years ago, using this same yarn and an almost identical honeycomb pattern. I followed the pattern (bad me) and the hat turned out way too big. My dad soldiered on and wore the hat anyway, until I happened to find it this fall and decided that enough was enough.

I couldn't find the exact same pattern, but used this free one from Novita (sorry, it's in Finnish). I made no alterations and the hat turned out snug enough, but I didn't use the same yarn as in the instructions, so I can't vouch for what the fit would be like then.

Nothing more to say about this one, a pretty quick project although cable needles always slow me down. Is there even a clever way to hold them? I always feel like I'm missing two fingers when using them.

How about you, have you gotten your knitting groove on this fall yet?

Monday, November 10, 2014

Blog hop: My writing process

I'm so excited to take part in my first ever blog hop! I was nominated by the lovely Kirsten of Fifty Two Fancies. She's such a positive person and reading her blog always makes me happy. So thank you Kirsten!

Mystery yarn for my current WIP

Why do I blog?

I would actually like to know the answer to that question too! Before I began blogging a few months ago, I didn't even follow any blogs, and I certainly had no idea of the wonderful community of sewing bloggers out there. I have always sewed and knitted (seriously, I'm beginning to think it has become a bit obsessive recently, I'm beginning to worry), so my blog is really just an extension of that. A very beneficial extension I might add: I have never finished so many well-fitting garments in my life. I have a terrible habit of leaving a trail of unfinished objects behind me, but since no finished items equals no blog posts, I have to finish them all! The fact that I have to look at thirty pictures of myself in said garments also motivates me to push myself when choosing fabric, patterns and overall style of the things I make, not to forget really putting in an effort to get a flattering fit.

What is my writing process?

That's a difficult question. For me, writing is the third and, in a way, the least important step of my blogging. First, I make something, then I usually take pictures and then I write. Sometimes it's the other way around, text comes first, then pictures. I never publish anything straight away after writing it and I'll re-read it compulsively to find any errors in my text. English is not my native language and I do not speak it on a regular basis, so I'm a bit paranoid when it comes to grammatical errors.

How do I differ from other sewing blogs?

Gosh - I'm different but I'm not? Is that an answer? I think all (sewing) bloggers have a unique combination of traits that set us apart from each other. My combination, at this moment in time, is for example: new blogger, professional seamstress, spends more time taking pictures than writing, not too many followers yet and spends way too much time adoring other sewing blogs. I guess that's one way to sum me up as a blogger.

A current WIP is...

... a top for my sister, that's first priority at the moment. I've got it cut out, interfaced and ready to go. Since I'm really bad at concentrating on one project at a time, I began tracing the pattern for my dream winter coat on Friday. Too bad the instructions are in Spanish and there are a gazillion pattern pieces, but the heart wants what the heart wants. And it wants this coat. I'm also going to make a second version of my favorite knit hat ever, using some mystery yarn from my stash. I already made a swatch and as soon as I'm done typing this I'm gonna cast on and start knitting. 

There you have it folks, my confessions regarding my writing process. I'm sad to say that it's not very structured, it's not a big part of my life, or even my blogging, but if I can evoke a few laughs here or there describing my love/hate-relationship with sewing, then I've succeeded.

I'm nominating the creative and talented Elizabeth from Hyer Handmade Design to tell us about her writing process. She designs and sells knitwear, how cool is that?! 

What makes up a good blog text in your opinion? Until next time!