Thursday, August 14, 2014

Instant happiness scarf

Some colorful silk - what more do you need to be happy?

This vibrant piece of silk had been sitting in my stash way too long. It was a gift from someone who in turn had gotten it as a gift from someone who had been to China. Apparently nobody knew what to do with this little firecracker. 

I planned to make this into a simple top and was waiting for the perfect pattern to come along, but I had my doubts about how much I would actually wear it. I love colors, and I even love all these colors separately, but all of them mixed together seemed a bit much to me (insert note here about how I live in a country where beige is the most worn color, besides black of course).

So it became a scarf! Excellent, because I wear scarves a lot, and since it's silk I can wear it all year round. Instant happiness!

I finished the outer edges with a rolled hem and took my time to get the stitch length and width right. Good thing that I finally bought those red reels of thread for the serger a while ago.

What about you? What do you do with a fabric in your stash that seems impossible to wear?


  1. Gorgeous scarf! I think the colors suit you really well!

  2. This is so pretty and cheery. Great use of your fabric!

  3. I've got several pieces in my stash that would be good for making scarves. Now that I have a serger that can do a rolled hem I need to get on it!

    1. You definitely should! Scarves are such great stash busters :)