Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dude knitting

So I did some unselfish knitting. Or to be precise, I did some unselfish knitting a couple of years ago, and now I re-did it. Does that count as double the good karma? The hat was for my dad, but here it is being modeled by boyfriend.

I knitted a hat for my dad a couple of years ago, using this same yarn and an almost identical honeycomb pattern. I followed the pattern (bad me) and the hat turned out way too big. My dad soldiered on and wore the hat anyway, until I happened to find it this fall and decided that enough was enough.

I couldn't find the exact same pattern, but used this free one from Novita (sorry, it's in Finnish). I made no alterations and the hat turned out snug enough, but I didn't use the same yarn as in the instructions, so I can't vouch for what the fit would be like then.

Nothing more to say about this one, a pretty quick project although cable needles always slow me down. Is there even a clever way to hold them? I always feel like I'm missing two fingers when using them.

How about you, have you gotten your knitting groove on this fall yet?


  1. That looks great! I'm gearing up to try knitting cables, I've never done them before...I want to make the Andi Satterlund Chuck sweater for winter, so I had better get practicing!

    1. Ooh that's a a great looking sweater, good luck with it! I don't find cables to be all that difficult, just a bit fiddly. I would definitely recommend a cable needle, I didn't get one until recently and I still don't understand why I waited so long :D