Monday, April 4, 2016

An Unselfish Duo

Hello again my lovelies!

I'm feeling especially good about these makes, because they are not for me! My fiancé got a new knitted hat and a sewn scarf this winter.

For the hat I bought some of the good stuff, again because it wasn't for me. My budget wouldn't survive a knitting hobby if I always knit with the squishiest and prettiest of yarns, but I'm not complaining. I like the scratchy stuff! 

The hat is the Roman Earflap Hat by MintyFresh. I enjoyed knitting it and the pattern really is designed with maximum ear-warmth in mind, which is a huge bonus and not that easy to find.

The scarf is a rectangle of fabric sewn into a double-sided rectangle. It's not particularly warm, so it hasn't gotten any wear yet, but maybe it will now that it's slowly warming up. Hubby picked the fabric himself on a trip to the fabric store.
Yes, he came in with me.
Yes, it was his idea to stop by the fabric store when we were in the neighborhood.
Yes, he is a keeper.

I'm green with envy looking at all of your spring-makes! Unfortunately my face is the only green thing over here in Finland, so my own spring-makes will have to wait some more. And of course I'm still sewing winter-stuff because I'm way behind on my sewing.

Have all of you left winter behind already? Or is anyone else still making winter-stuff while freezing?

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