Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Finally some sewing going on over here - or My New Pants

Hello all!

It feels like I haven't been doing a lot of sewing recently and it's probably true. Knitting has been matching my mood better than sewing this past summer and fall, which translates into quite a few unblogged knitted items, but not that many sewed ones. Luckily, I'm very happy with these pants!

My last fabric haul consisted almost exclusively of linen, which you might have already guessed if you have been following along with my most recent makes. (As a side note, when I first wrote this blog post, I hadn't stepped foot in a fabric store for months. Months! It felt really wrong. Luckily since that, I have rectified this wrong.) I've been re-organising my closet, which for probably the first time ever, resulted in some actual knowledge about what my closet is missing, which means I have sort of a plan as to what I'm going to sew this season. And I'm going to sew pants. And everyday relaxed dresses, but let's stick to pants for now.

I usually avoid sewing pants, because it's difficult and fitting is a nightmare. I'm a person that wears pants at least 90% of the time, so in the interest of sewing stuff I actually wear, I need to conquer my pants-sewing fears. I find the actual sewing to be okay, but it's the fitting that intimidates me.
I figured that what I need is a few pant-TNTs in different styles, so that when I find a lovely fabric all I need to do is sew, without all the fitting and pattern altering woes. And this my friends, is the first one. 

These are the Summer Pants from Burda Style 07/2012, #128. The loose fit and the fact that both crotch curves magically fit, made this an easy pattern to get started with. I also had a huge epiphany when I realised that Burda patterns, like this one, rise too high in the back for me, and by removing some height at the center back waist and tapering out to nothing at the side seams, make the pants fit so.much.better.
Other adjustments I made was to take in the side seams all the way and add pockets. Isn't the fastening cute? I was afraid that it would add bulk, but it's okay.

What do you think? Do you have any pant-TNTs?


  1. I love Burdastyle pant patterns. They seem to fit without and fiddling, which is great since I have no clue how to fiddle! Otherwise my favorite pant pattern is the Eleonore by Jalie. It's a stretch pull-on jean that's really easy to sew and looks good on most everyone.

    1. The Burdastyle pants seem to work on me too! I haven't seen the Eleonor pants, they sound comfy!