Thursday, May 4, 2017

Spring Flowers

Hi everybody!

In case you found my previous grey pants too dreary for spring, I present to you take number two! These were made using the same pattern as the grey ones, Burdastyle 7/2010 #103.

This fabric is a thin denim and a bit more substantial than the grey twill I used for my first try at this pattern. I was concerned that a thicker fabric might leave the pants too tight, but that was not the case at all. In fact, after wearing and washing both pants a few times, I now took the legs in quite a bit. I hope that this will eliminate the sagging that occurres after wearing the pants for a few hours. They FEEL better (as in tighter) now, so fingers crossed!

I'm so happy to have a pant-TNT pattern. Since making these I've tried another Burdastyle pant pattern,  and they turned out okay. Though despite tweaking the front crotch curve I'm still not happy with it. Maybe a second try is the answer?

I promise I will stop sewing and blogging about pants eventually! Right now I'm making a dress,  so I'm not totally hopeless... Have you ever gotten obsessed with perfecting the fit of something?


  1. Great looking pants. That flower fabric is awesome. A different type of fabric can change the outcome of a TNT, but any TNT pattern is always great to have. But why should you stop sewing and blogging about pants?

  2. Thank you! I was just joking about not sewing any more pants :D I have sewed five pairs in a row now and still have one pair planned. But you're right, one can never have too many pants :)