Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fabric overdose

So... summer sale at my local fabric store just happened... Do I need to say more?

This shopping spree pretty much doubled my fabric stash, so it wasn't so bad to begin with, right?

All of this happened before I took the Summer Stashbust 2014 pledge, I promise! Luckily I now have  quite a stash to sew from.

Do you see a theme here? Apparently I'm into black and blue at the moment. Hmm, didn't realize that until now. Last year this pile would have been all red and yellow. Funny how things change.

So what am I going to make out of all this loveliness? Well, as you all know, sewing plans tend to change. Often. But I can tell you what my plans are at the moment.

This black and white (surprise!) chiffon is destined to become a flowy sleeveless summer top. I'm thinking of copying the fit from a RTW favorite and just widen it at the hem. But we'll see, maybe a perfect pattern pops up before I get around to sewing it up. But I'm definitely thinking simple, no sweating over button bands here, thank you very much.

And some blue chiffon! I'm thinking flowy top here again. I know I said that blue + flowers isn't my thing, but apparently my subconscious begs to differ. I could put it down to the summer heat, except that we've been freezing our butts off here recently. Summer decided to take a rein check, but that only means more sewing time before I need all my me-made summer clothes that are still on the drawing board (not literally. Literally they are just things I ramble to myself before I fall asleep. Seriously, you should hear my thoughts sometimes).

Ooh, and this I'm particularly proud of, since it's a totally new style to me. I'm sure I have seen similar fabrics in the blogosphere, and admired how effortlessly chic and modern they look. I'm especially thinking of Kelli from True Bias here. I hit a real jackpot this time around and found several pieces of pre-cut printed viscose, and this is one of them. I'm thinking flowy shorts, perhaps with pleats in the front. And pockets, definitely pockets. I could always alter my favorite pants pattern, that would probably save me a lot of teeth grinding. 

More printed viscose! I honestly have never had this much viscose in my stash. I'm not sure, but I have the feeling that it's not that common in the fabric stores I go to. Or then I just tend to gravitate towards heavier fabric with more body. Yeah... I definitely tend to do that. For the black one I already have a pattern in mind. Last year I made a playsuit from a Burda Style pattern and loved it! It's a bit too big though, so it ended up on my Summer Project list. I definitely want another one, and this time in a lighter fabric and a cool print. Success! I have enough of the white and blue one to at least make a dress, but it will have to be something special because I really really like this fabric already. 

No more viscose here, but a fabric of unknown blend. It's heavier than the others, and I already have a pattern in mind for this one too. That is, if I don't have time to change my mind. This is a more typical fabric for me in the sense that it is a bit stiff. The colors on the other hand are a rare sight in my wardrobe. I've begun to really like white, but I usually avoid all things beige. The print on this one isn't exactly beige, but a light brown nonetheless. But at 3 €/meter I just had to have it. I'll deal with my aversion for all things beige later.

I've been craving seersucker for a couple of years now, so now that it was on sale I just couldn't resist. And look, I managed to accidentally sneak some yellow into my stash again. The black hasn't taken over completely yet! I'm still contemplating what to make out of this one, but I'm thinking a summer dress. I just have to get over my irrational fear of feeling like a milk maid, a toddler or a beach towel when wearing it.

Oh yeah, and owls happened. Tiny, cute viscose owls. I stood with the fabric in my hand, doubting my sanity, when a thought occurred to me: if Sally from The Quirky Peach can rock a dress with giraffes on it, then I can definitely rock a shirt with some owls!

At the bottom of my pile is also some really stretchy denim. I plan to make jeans shorts to test out a RTW knock off of my favorite pair of jeans. Sadly they have come to the end of the road, but on the bright side they now get to live on as a pattern for new jeans. Garment re-incarnation, yay!

Has anyone else fallen victim to a fabric summer sale?


  1. i would happily take the loot from you!! such a nice selection!

    1. Thank you! I'm really happy with it too :)

  2. Lovely finds! Are you shopping in Finland or elsewhere? If in Finland, whereabouts? I'll be going over to Helsinki later on, and would love to get some tips on where to go!

    1. Yes, I live near Helsinki! There is a great fabric store near the railway station, it's called Eurokangas (Universitetsgatan 5). They have several stores all around Finland, and these fabrics are from their stores in Tusby and Vanda (also near Helsinki).
      If you are looking for more luxurious fabrics, then you might want to check out Villisilkki (Georgsgatan 12-14). The name means "vild silke" in Swedish. I've never been there myself, but they are supposed to have a wide range of silks, linen and cottons.
      Nappitalo/Knapphuset (Georgsgatan 12) have aaaaall the buttons/ribbons etc. you can imagine. Apparently they have moved, and I haven't been to their new location. According to the address they are neighbors with Villisilkki now, which would be great from a tourist's point of view!
      If you only have time for one store, then I would go to Eurokangas. Their website suck in Swedish and English, but if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them :)
      PS. Mitt modersmål är svenska :)

  3. I love your yellow-white striped seersucker and *wow* the white-blue one, of which you'd like to create sth. special :) curious to see what you`ll create. With the fabric in my stash - at the moment I tend to see only skirts! That's so crazy. Ah this would be a nice one with pleats, this a plane A-line skirt, this a shorter one, ... why should I make so many skirts when I wear them rarely?

    1. The seersucker would be so lovely now that it's really hot outside, but I can't decide which dress pattern to use... I have a pattern in mind for the white and blue one, let's see if I'll get it done before it turns colder again... :)