Saturday, June 14, 2014

Knitted sunshine scarf

Didn't I warn you that I love knitting as well? Well I do - sometimes even more than sewing. Knitting is so relaxing: it lets your mind drift off, you can curl up just about anywhere and all you need are your knitting needles and some yarn.

This is the Fan Lace Scarf from Designer Knitting Magazine Spring/Summer 2014 (known as Vogue Knitting in the US). This magazine is my knitting bible. I have been a dedicated subscriber ever since I stumbled upon it four years ago. When I first saw this scarf in the preview, I knew I had to make it. Isn't the pattern just beautiful? 

The scarf is designed by Faina Goberstein. In the magazine they use a light cashmere/linen blend yarn, and it looks gorgeous. Sadly the yarns featured are often a bit on the expensive side and not available in every yarn store (at least in my corner of the world), so I usually end up substituting them with something else. This time I used Gjestal Bomull Sport, which is a mercerized cotton. This was the first time I used this yarn, and it became an instant favorite. It knits up easily and has a beautiful sheen. I made mine into an infinity scarf by joining the ends, as you can see in the picture above.

The pattern was described as "easy", but I disagree. It took me quite a while to learn the pattern repeat by heart, and I think a beginning knitter might get frustrated. The pattern is not symmetrical, which makes it more difficult to memorize.

I love the yellow color, it's like a little ray of sunshine. Unfortunately the weather has been a bit chilly recently, but at least I have had good reason to wear my scarf. 

I'll need to remember this yarn in the future, it's by far the easiest cotton yarn I've ever worked with. You know how they tend to be so loosely twisted that your knitting needles get caught in the yarn and split it? So frustrating. What are your favorite yarns for summer knitting? Do you too find that there aren't enough affordable summery alternatives to wool out there?