Saturday, October 18, 2014

A little something for a little princess

I don't know anything about sewing clothes for kids or babies. This is a huge gap in my sewing experience. So every time I get asked to sew something for a kid or a baby, I feel kind of torn: it's supposed to be "easy", but it scares the sh*t out of me.

But what kind of godmother would I be if I didn't cater to my goddaughter's every need? Not a very good one, so I put my big girl pants on and pulled out the ballpoint needle.

The little princess needed a bigger swaddle, and apparently they are impossible to find. I figured I would be able to copy the structure from the smaller swaddle without a pattern, since I had her mum telling me exactly where it needed to be bigger and by how much.

The swaddle is a result of true collaboration: I, who knows nothing about babies, and my goddaughter's mum, who knows nothing about sewing, combined our knowledge to create this.

The pictures are really boring without a baby, but I didn't have one on hand. Enjoy the owls instead!

The original swaddle didn't have any buttons, they are an addition supposed to keep the little critter from prying the velcro tape closures open in her sleep.

The construction was pretty straight forward: two pieces shaped like the letter T, two lower halves, four darts at the bottom for shape and two at the top for the shoulders. The outer layer is a double knit and the owls are a 100% cotton knit.

Do you too have an irrational fear of small clothing? Or do you squeeze out tiny jersey creations like nobody's business?


  1. The most frustrating thing about sewing for babies/kids is that they grow!