Monday, February 8, 2016

Sunday Lately Week 58

I'm joining Blogger Tribe again this week with the weekly Sunday Lately word challenge. I missed two weeks, but now I'm back in the game. Sometimes something has got to give, and this time it was blogging. 

This is the last Christmas gift I'm making. I love how these are turning out.
- Creating - :: My creating still equals knitting. I miss sewing, but at this time sitting upright in a chair and concentrating sounds too challenging to me. Sofa, pillows, two dogs, Netflix and mindless knitting is all I want at the moment.

- Finding - :: A balance in life. This seems impossible at times, but then there are moments when you just know that you are in the right place doing the right things right now. Nothing gnaws at your self-esteem quite like self-doubt. 

Finally, a cardigan for myself. This yarn was a gift from abroad several years ago. I've run out of yarn (which I knew would happen), so now I need to find a soul mate color for it. Blue? Grey? Help!

- Switching - :: Gear. I'm slowly getting used to the idea that I won't be a student for much longer. At the same time there are still some hurdles, some bigger than other, to overcome before I get my degree. So I'm trying to keep my Zen no matter what happens in the upcoming months.

- Forgetting - :: What size knitting needles and which yarn I've used for a knitting project. Make notes, woman. Make notes.

- Craving - :: Excersize. The first signs of spring always makes me want to go for a run. At this moment some health challenges make running almost impossible, but some slow and gentle yoga might be on my horizon soon. YES!

This photo really doesn't make justice to the actual yellow color.

I've been really good lately with finishing projects before I cast on new ones, but now I couldn't help myself, and so one unfinished project became three. I fear there is no going back, since I'm now planning to knit another gift... Yep, this boat is sinking fast.

How are your boats floating? Are you sailing along smoothly or are you sinking like me?


  1. At times it feels like I'm sinking, but I'm determined to keep treading the water. You can do it!

  2. I'm with you! I haven't been sewing much lately because couch + DVR + mindless knitting/crochet = love. I'm in love with that Christmas gift you are making!

    1. Thank you, I hope my sister will like the mittens too! Yay for mindless knitting!