Sunday, October 18, 2015

An Unselfish Scarf

I haven't done any knitting in the past year or so, except for finishing these socks recently. I felt like I needed a quick and painless project so that I could get my knitting mojo back, and this yarn was next in my queue.

This mystery yarn was a gift from a friend who said she wouldn't use it herself. A couple of years back I started knitting a scarf with a lot of details, but changed my mind because you couldn't see the pattern at all, all you saw was that it was brown and fluffy.

So instead of fighting the Yarn Gods I let the yarn decide what it wanted to be, and it wanted to be a fluffy garter stitch scarf knitted on large needles. Who am I to fight that?

 The scarf started out as a completely selfish project, but after a couple of days I decided it would look way better on my sister than on me, and so the scarf became unselfish mid-project.

I still have some yarn left, but it will have to wait until I finish some other projects that I'm already working on. My sister suggested that I'll knit matching leg warmers for her, and two tubes in a simple pattern sounds like just the kind of easy project that I want to knit at the moment.

How about you, do you love to knit as much as you love to sew? What kind of projects do you want to knit at the moment, easy and fast or big and challenging?

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