Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sewing for my mom

Hello there lovelies!

Today I'm back with a finished project, just like I promised earlier this week. At that time I still had some hand sewing left to do, but it really didn't even feel like such a chore this time. A self-inflicted blog-deadline really helps me finish projects!

This is the fabric that really saved the day. This jacket has been long in the making. Originally my mom sewed the blazer together, but the fit was awful and it got tossed aside. So I volunteered to get creative with fixing everything that was wrong with it, to transfer the necessary changes to the original pattern pieces and to finish the jacket lining and all. 

The jacket did have a center back seam originally if I remember correctly, but the  shoulder darts that you can see here are extensions of additional bust darts we used to remove the extra width in the shoulder area.

This wool blend really is the best. The wool combined with the weave makes it possible to sculpt the pattern pieces into whatever your want. Most of the changes would not have been possible to make in a dense cotton for instance.

The sleeves were some kind of huge bell sleeves I think, but we slimmed them down by removing quite a bit of the extra width.

 I know I'm totally spamming you with pictures, but I just love this fabric so much!

The blazer will be worn open and it doesn't have any buttons at all (that's the reason behind the needles showing in the pictures, the blazer just looked better on my mannequin closed).

In the picture above you can see one of the changes we made. That dart is not supposed to be there, but the upper chest and shoulder area was HUGE, so we made a pleat that you can't even see when the collar is down like it's supposed to be. 

And some pictures from the inside, just because everything is so pretty and neat! An exception to that neatness is of course the small pleat I had to make in the corner where the lining and the facing meet. I probably made some mistake when I drafted the pattern pieces for the lining, since they were not included in the pattern.

So what do you think, did the extra darts ruin the blazer? Has anyone else fallen in love with wool because it's so forgiving? Doesn't it feel great to finish an UFO?