Sunday, October 11, 2015


Hi again!

I finally got around to finishing these socks, after hiding them away for almost an entire year. 

I got two skeins of this rugged wool for free when I purchased some yarn from a yarn store a couple of years ago. The feel of the yarn is so rough that it could only become socks. 

I have small feet, so I did my own math with these socks to get them to fit right. I prefer to knit socks from the toe up, so I took a pattern from a Designer Knitting magazine and copied their method of construction, substituting their gauge with the gauge of my yarn.

The socks fit great and the bluish-purple color is just a bonus!

Has anyone started knitting Christmas presents yet? I saw a pattern for a very cute hat and decided that I simply HAD to make four of them as Christmas presents this year. I made a swatch to determine gauge and to try out the pattern - and it was the.most.difficult. thing I have done for ages! I mean seriously, I had just spent four hours working on a spread sheet in Excel for school, and still that little 10x10 cm of cuteness almost broke my brain. Blocking did help, but I still might have to reconsider my Christmas presents this year, I might not be up for the challenge!

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